Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Recap... Things Going On With "B" and Me!

Sorry to all my followers I know I have been MIA... Work kept me very busy for the month of April...

I thought I would type up a recap of things going on with little "B" and me!

Well we recently graduated "B" to a big boy car seat. He is 22lbs and loving forward facing. He rides along with less fusses... and enjoys his new view of the world...We got the Graco 3 in 1... It’s great! It will hold him in a harness up to 65lbs... and then it can be used as a booster seat up to 100lbs. hopefully it will be the last car seat we ever have to buy.

I am diligently planning his Birthday party. He is turning 1 in two weeks and we plan to have family and friends over for Cake and Ice Cream. I got Elmo plates and ordered an Elmo Cake...that "B" can't eat... but his guest can enjoy. I plan to make a dairy free cup cake for "B" to dig into on his big day.

We are moving "B" off of breast milk. My supply dropped considerably so we figured it was God's way of telling us its time to move on. He is currently receiving 1/2 hypoallergenic formula and 1/2 almond milk bottles. We just started this, this week. The hope is to have him on 100% almond milk by his birthday.

I went out and did a ton of research... With "B's" milk allergy I wanted to make the right choice for a substitute to Whole Milk. After reading everything I could find on Soy Milk, Rice Milk, & Almond Milk... I have settled on Almond Milk... It has 4 times the nutritional value of Whole Milk however we will have to make sure he eats things high in "good fats" like avocados and beans to make up for the fat he needs that he wont get from whole milk... Almond Milk also tastes better than Soy & Rice... So my husband and I don't mind drinking it. I figure anything I make "B" drink I should drink as well. He will be more likely to want to drink it if he sees mom and dad doing the same.

Seems like things keep moving forward and “B” is ready to be a 1 year old. No more baby for MommyDiva. Full blow kid in the house. :-)